MGM Discipleship Recovery Program

Madras Gospel Mission’s Men’s Discipleship Recovery Program provides a place where men struggling with addition and life controlling issues can learn to transform their life.

If you are trapped in addiction, ask yourself:

  • Are you tired of the life you are living?
  • Have you burned bridges with employers, friends, and family?
  • Has your addiction caused you to do things you vowed you would never do?
  • Has your addiction become a trap you can’t escape from?
  • Does your future seem hopeless?
  • Are you willing to do whatever it takes to change your life?

If you are ready to change your life, MGM Discipleship Recovery could be the next step for you …

Freedom From Addictions

Part of the journey is coming into Freedom!  Freedom from whatever has had mastery over your life!  We have and recognize that there are certain addictions that are socially acceptable, however we are a Christ centered Discipleship home and take seriously recovery in fullness of Christ.  You can only serve One Master, that is to be Jesus Christ.  You cannot live in both worlds.

If you are part of the discipleship process and journey, the use of all dependency on drugs need to go.  Part of recovery is learning to rule over your life in such a way that is towards freedom.  It may be socially acceptable and legal to drink alcohol, smoke pot, use tobacco products, but it is not beneficial!  

I understand the above statement and agree to abide by it as empowered by the Spirit of Christ…

This is the Lord’s house, all are welcome to come as they are but are not allowed to stay the same!!

“He whom The Son sets free, is free indeed!”   

You can do all things through Christ…

The Details:

Madras Gospel Mission
Residential Discipleship Recovery Program

What is a Grace Based Program?


Short Answer:

A Grace based program is an environment in which we experience freedom and healing through the Grace and authentic Christ-Centered relationships.

“Many talk of grace but few truly understand its incredible power.  Many confuse grace with “enabling” of “license” – but that is not grace.  Biblical truth absent the Grace of God lacks power.  Christ came in the fullness of Grace & Truth (John 1:14-17) – Dr. Gerald May


Long Answer:

God’s grace holds the key to freedom in His hands.  Christ became flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and truth.  Grace and Truth.  Grace without truth is not God’s grace.  Truth without grace is not God’s truth.  The synthesis of grace and truth defines what is in the eternal best-interest of the individual and is the foundation upon which solid, Christ-like leadership is based.  It is in the grace of authentic Christ-centered relationships we experience freedom and healing.

At Madras Gospel Mission we believe that God’s Grace is the most powerful force in the universe; more powerful even than the enslaving shame of Satan.  The dungeon of despair is where addiction, depression and other furies of this world lock their prisoners.  Abuse, abandonment, and shame foul the air.  Robbed of light and hope, cries of despair and pain fall upon the dungeon’s deaf walls.  Fresh blood is spilt, for, hurting people.  The cycle continues.  Many attempt to free the prisoners.  Many try, but most fail.  The prison is shut tight, reluctant to yield any of its wards.  The walls of shame are thick, seemingly impenetrable.  But Grace, God’s Grace, holds the power to break open prison doors.  Grace shines the light of heavenly hope, piercing the walls of shame, defeating the air of gloom, beckoning all to come out into the safety and freedom of Grace.  Hope and healing fills the air.  Grace says; “Breathe deeply.”  Christ is the answer to those in pain, to those who long for hope and who pray for healing.

At Madras Gospel Mission we have and continue to create a safe and healing environment where the Grace & Truth of Jesus Christ flows freely; where the hearts of men can be freed and transformed from the inside out.  Madras Gospel Mission offers the hope and healing of Christ to the hurting and the broken of this world.  “He whom the Son sets free, is free indeed!”

Madras Gospel Mission
Residential Discipleship Recovery Program

What is a Phase Based Program?


Short Answer:

Madras Gospel Mission’s Discipleship Recovery Program is built around a six-phase framework.  Each phase builds upon the previously completed phases, while focusing on specific areas of growth.


Long Answer:

The core of the Mission’s Discipleship Recovery Program is the six-phase program in which each resident chooses:

  1. To have a teachable attitude and willingness to change, and embrace the self-evaluation process.
  2. To attend three recovery meetings per week, in addition to all in-house classes.
  3. To attend church.
  4. To meet with our Discipleship Partner on a regularly scheduled basis, beginning no later than Phase 1.
  5. To fulfill all job / chore assignment(s).
  6. To exhibit Christ-like behavior and language: Actions demonstrating an attitude conducive to ongoing personal recovery.

By using a phase based program at MGM, we recognize that not everyone comes to us with the same capacity and/resources.  Someone who has been drinking for 35 years, has never attended college or maybe never finished high school, and has been living separated from any kind of support system ie family, church, community, etc. will probably not have the same capacities or resources as a young man who finished college, started drinking 5 years prior to walking into our doors and still has family close by who care and love him.  The ability for these 2 individuals to progress through a recovery program can be, and most likely are, completely different.

By establishing six different phases, only the first phase has a set period of time, 30 days, the time span for Phases 2 – 6 can vary depending on the individual.  This allows time for individuals to work through issues without the threat of bumping up against some sort of artificial time restriction.

Based on experience, we have established minimum and maximum time guidelines for phases 2 – 6.  However, these serve more as guidelines than they do as hard and fast time restrictions, either minimum or maximum.

Madras Gospel Mission
Residential Discipleship Recovery Program


You have expressed an interest in joining this community.  We are excited to be part of your journey with Christ.  We are Christ centered and as such, live out our faith in everyday living.  We have found not only healing in this for our lives but also, New Life!

We have basic expectations in our community.  The most important being, we are a community of men that strive to be authentic.  As such, able to share and listen without fear of retribution.  We are a community of Grace.  You must be willing to be flexible, available and teachable!

You need to participate in all activities as set forth by the leadership within the home.  Communication is key and is welcomed.  While conformation to our community is needed, the more important is a willingness for transformation.  We are not a prison and as such would expect those within our community to be willing to submit to one another in support and care.  We work through together.

You will be mentored as well as expected to mentor in this community.  A self-exiting scenario comes into reality when a community member isolates, resists, and refuses to be part of community participation and will not abide as others by the same expectations and standards.

To be in this community, you need to be part of it, not apart from it!

We look forward to knowing you,
MGM Men’s leadership and home.

Phases of the Program

Days: 30

Days Accrued:  30

Goals:  Orientation

Days: 45 – 120

Days Accrued:  75 – 150

Goals:  Identity / God in Christ Jesus

Days: 45 – 150

Days Accrued:  120 – 300

Goals:  Moral Inventory

Days: 60 – 180

Days Accrued:  180 – 480

Goals:  Confession & Maturation

Days: 60 – 180

Days Accrued:  240 – 660

Goals:  Rite of Passage & Restitution

Days: 30 – 90

Days Accrued:  270 – 750

Goals:  Service

Weekly Schedule